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Warm and Welcoming

Within a few moments of entering this home, you get the feeling there is something special about it. The living room flows seamlessly into the kitchen and dining area. The kitchen itself is beautifully appointed, with warm walnut cabinetry and a lovely, detail-rich tile backsplash. A well-planned coffee bar serves a quiet alcove with seating that overlooks the backyard. But, the home didn't always look like this.

New owners recognized the potential of the home and its location, then called on us to not only envision what the home could be, but also to make it happen for them.


Beautiful warm tones were brought into the home with gorgeous walnut cabinetry throughout the main floor. A uniquely designed multi-level island created storage and surface area to serve the kitchen, while also allowing a comfortable seating area for four. Additional storage was achieved through a pantry cabinet set into a wall, that nearly goes unnoticed except for the beautiful woodwork that faces the living space.


While the living room and kitchen/dining areas were opened up by removing a wall, complementary tile flooring was used to define the space, yet keeping the open feel.


The main floor project was significant, but an update to the master bathroom completed this home’s transformation, providing a uniquely comfortable private space for the homeowners. With dual sinks, a large counter area, and built-in hamper baskets, this bath is also packed with organization features that make daily preparation flow smoothly.

Project Gallery

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