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Our Process

The designers at Lincoln Cabinet believe in guiding our clients through a detailed design and selection process to ensure project completion satisfaction and seamless remodeling practice.

Step 1:

We will come to your home and discuss your ideas, wants, and wishes as well as take measurements of the space for the updated design ideas. At this step we do have a consultation fee that would be reimbursed to you once you sign the contract, the price is based upon the location and scope of the job.

Step 2:

This meeting will be at the Lincoln Cabinet showroom and we will discuss the various ideas and plans that we have developed for you and your home. The goal here is the select a plan. Ideally, we like to select products such as cabinets, countertops, and tile at this meeting. 

Step 3:

Computer drawing review and product selection. We will review the drawings of the new space design and make changes as needed. In this meeting we begin going over costing of products and rough estimates of sub-contractor work needed to have the “idea” become a reality! 

Step 4:

Sub-contractor meeting. We actually have the contractors we work with come to your home, this makes our pricing as accurate as possible. 

Step 5:

Final costing analysis. At this time we go over a complete estimate for all work to be done on your project. We review and discuss any changes that may be needed. 

Step 6:

Contract signing and project scheduling. The final contract will be signed and we will prepare a detailed schedule of work for you to follow day by day throughout your project.

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