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Sleek and Sophisticated

Nestled in a wooded area on the outskirts of town and surrounded by areas of ag-related use, this home is located in a neighborhood that has a somewhat rural feel. But once you enter the home, you quickly realize this home is anything but rural. In fact, the homeowners have a firm appreciation for sleek and modern that informed every aspect of our project with them.


In many ways, this project was an exercise in conversion, taking the previous homeowner's decidedly traditional taste and converting it to contemporary styling more befitting of the new owner's desire.


The kitchen is expansive and provided a footprint that could be reimagined with new stylish cabinetry accented by appropriate solid surface counters, a cleaner-looking tile backsplash, and contemporary tile flooring. A revision to the shape and form of the kitchen island also improved the design for the homeowners.


Similar changes were made in a basement bar area situated near a home theater. A master bath, powder room, and two guest bathrooms were also part of the project. All were updated with new tile, backsplash, and cabinetry. New designer fixtures were installed in all bathrooms, completing the conversion to clean and sleek.


We're especially proud to show our work in this home, as it demonstrates how dramatic changes in style and function are possible through Lincoln Cabinet.

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