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Reimagined Space

Our initial conversations with most clients typically begin by learning what they want to achieve through their home remodel project. We talk about how they live today and how that might be improved with changes we could help them make. This project is one with a truly great outcome, one that may have seemed like a very tall order during those initial conversations.


During this remodel, we worked to redefine the space to give the kitchen improved flow along with additional storage and convenience space. We were also challenged to incorporate a comfortable bar area that would provide display space for prized bottles, seating for intimate conversation, and accessibility from the kitchen.

All in all, the kitchen and bar areas blended perfectly; dark stained cabinetry was paired with bright solid surface counter tops and visually interesting subway tile in the kitchen. The space in and near the bar incorporated the warmth of a solid wood counter. New appliances, improved plumbing fixtures and decorative glass accents all add to the fresh design. The kitchen and bar areas both connect visually with a casual dine-in space and an existing family room nearby.


Down the hall, we also updated a powder room in a very tasteful decor that also connects with the new style created in the kitchen.

Project Gallery

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