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Refined Rustic

When this home was built, it was constructed on an expansive piece of rural property with views that instill a deep connection with the outdoors. 20 years later, not much has changed about the area itself...there are a few more neighbors, but the property remains very rural, with outstanding views.


Inside however, a significant remodel project was undertaken to update the kitchen and dining area, as well as the master bath. In keeping with this rural property, beloved as a place that bridges the gap between nature and the distractions of day-to-day life, the project selections were earthy and rustic, yet refined.


The sizeable kitchen can accommodate many helpers, with plentiful areas for both food prep and conversation. A large central island was created with a raised microwave, creating a second level that provides visual interest and separation. The black paint used on the island has rub-through distressing, adding a complimentary time-worn appeal that plays well with the brown-toned rustic alder perimeter.


Additional attention was paid to equipping the kitchen with great appliances and playful lighting. A large metal range hood serves as more than just a functional piece of equipment, it also provides a beautiful focal point for the space. Throughout the kitchen, there are thoughtful organizational features as well, making the time and experience in the kitchen more of an event to be eagerly anticipated.


In the master bath, we reconfigured several small spaces into a larger personal care haven. A beautiful walk-in shower and a comfortable tub are just the beginning. We also added a vanity with dual sinks and included walk-in closet space for the ultimate in organization and comfort when getting ready for the day.

Project Gallery

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