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Prepared for Guests

With an inground swimming pool just steps from the back door, this home was destined to be a gathering place for guests, but the late 80's layout and styling kept it from being the best it could be.


We worked with its new homeowners to completely open up the main floor, reconfiguring the entire space to be more spacious and inviting. Walls were removed and functional areas modified to give the home a more expansive place to gather. With kitchen and dining areas shifted and the space more intentionally coordinated, it is now perfect for hosting larger gatherings, but it can also serve smaller groups in a setting that feels intimate and comfortable.


While this is a home that begs for before-and-after images to totally understand the scope of what was accomplished, we're most proud of the fact that today's layout feels like what it always should have been. Open, inviting, accessible, and comfortable. Fully prepared to host large or small groups of guests, or ready to simply be enjoyed by the homeowners themselves.


In addition to the combined kitchen/dining/bar area, we remodeled a guest bath and mudroom area. We also worked with the homeowners to create a focal point in the living room by adding a rock-faced feature that incorporates a horizontal, built-in gas fireplace, a large mantel, and a drop-down TV.

Project Gallery

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